Okapi Appliance Repair, fully licensed and insured, provides northern New Jersey with affordable residential appliance repair. We proudly serve Hudson County and eastern Bergen County. Our services include: refrigerator repair, washer & dryer repair, dishwasher repair, and oven/stove repair. Be sure to check out our specials here including our Senior Citizen discount. What are you waiting for? Call today at 1-800-498-4525 or 201-377-1832 and become our next satisfied customer.

  • Washer and Dryer Repair

    You don’t have to wear wrinkled clothes or waste money on dry cleaning. If your washer or dryer’s out of order, call 1-800-498-4525 or 201-377-1832 for our swift and affordable appliance repair service. Okapi Appliance Repair’s repair technicians have years of training & experience and a life-long commitment to help homeowners in New Jersey. Our… Continue Reading

    Washer and Dryer Repair
  • Secaucus Appliance Repair

    Call 800-498-4525 or 201-377-1832 now!   Because of the tight economy, many people are choosing to repair their appliances rather than just replace them when something goes wrong. Finding a reputable and professional Secaucus appliance repair service is important and doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Look for an established professional that has experience… Continue Reading

    Secaucus Appliance Repair
  • Refrigerator & Freezer Repair

    Refrigerator or freezer not working? Okapi Appliance Repair provides the fastest, most reliable refrigerator & freezer repairs in New Jersey. Our well-trained and experienced technicians can repair all top of the line refrigerator models regardless of the make and model. We have resolved complex issues with high-tech refrigerators and responded to small problems with simpler… Continue Reading

    Refrigerator & Freezer Repair
  • Oven & Stove Repair

    If your oven or stove is giving you problems, don’t throw it out just yet. Call the Okapi Appliance Repair experts for a swift inspection and you can have your stove or oven working perfectly as quickly as in the same hour. We understand how frustrating it can be to have your oven or stove… Continue Reading

    Oven & Stove Repair
  • Kearny Appliance Repair

    Call 800-498-4525 or 201-377-1832 now! In order to protect your appliances, choose a reputable, experienced and knowledgeable Kearny appliance repair service. In many cases repairing one’s appliances is a lot cheaper than just replacing them. In order to ensure your appliances are in safe hands, you must keep a few things into consideration when looking… Continue Reading

    Kearny Appliance Repair
Washing Machine Repair Tips

Washing Machine Repair Tips

Washing machines are usually hardy appliances and are supposed to last a lifetime without you having to interfere much. However, ignoring warning signs or other catastrophic events such as a soaked hallway, flooded basement, and even a damaged laundry room can all be the cause of a malfunctioning washer. An appliance repair company can come [...]

Precautions to Be Observed While Replacing Broken Elements of Your Appliances

Precautions to Be Observed While Replacing Broken Elements of Your Appliances

In households, electrical appliances breaking down is a common occurrence that can happen at the most inconvenient time, leaving you highly disgruntled. If you have an idea about which part of the appliance has broken down and you have an idea of working with electronic appliances, you can replace the specific part on your own. [...]

Gas Range Repair

How to Repair a Gas Range or an Electric Range

A gas stove or a gas range is a cooking appliance used to heat or cook food using natural gas, propane or LPG as a fuel source. These days however, most homes are equipped with an electric stove or an electric range, an innovative technology that uses electricity to produce heat. Some would argue that [...]